Jan and Matthias connected with each other via slopeing in Austria! Because they share the fascination to go into the mountains, they are doing mountain tours with each other until today!

Hiking to the biggest glacier in Europe was the plan of this group of people. Even if the weather was bad, the dimensions has been fascinating and it was much more fun to reach the goal with alike minded people!

Daniel and Thomas had the unique chance to join an organized boat trip with an experienced sailor. Without their connection, this would have never have been possible. At the end it was a really special experience!

Ben, Caro, Julia & Raven connected via language school and would love to have an opportunity to do the same with traveling. They are open minded to the App idea and supporting us with their picture!

Here we have a group which has been created because of their fascination about going to hike into the mountains together. The connection got so strong they now do this on a regular basis!

Stefan, Daniel and Maikel connected with each other on a trip in Monte Carlo! Doubeling their money in the Casino, they created an experience which lead to a strong friendship!

Flo, Kim & Kai decided to explore New York together! The destinations they choose during their trip can be reselected for future trips by other members!