collect your moments together! 
travel, make money & connect with new people

Whenever you want to join a group or someone wants to join your group, COMPANINO is the best opportunity to bring people together

In our opinion, life is all about these amazing moments we can share with other people. What is it for you?

what we do

Our ultimate aim is to combine making money with traveling and the connection to new people. Something which has been a separate story before, now can be united! 

your options

You can choose of either create a trip and invite people, or you can select an already organized trip to be a part of it!

be a part of it

We created an app which leads you through the process so upon 5 minutes you are ready to plan or to discover what your next adventure will be!

your benefits...     

more travel bonus money

Use the app and get a financial benefit for your organized travel with friends. Benefit from it so you can travel more often!

lifetime experiences 

One of the most important things in life are amazing moments we can share with each other! Collect them like nothing else!

become a leader 

You always wanted to organize your own trip and set up a group of people of your choice! Now you have the opportunity to do it!

pre-organized trips

You just want to join someone who already set up a plan? With COMPANINO, by joining a trip everything is already set up for you!

connect with people like you

 You (& your friends) would like to connect with new poeple and increase your existing group? Be open and see if your choosen companino may be turn into a friendship or more!

wanna know more?

Do you have questions? Feel free to ask one of our experts!